We arrived at the Dream Catcher

A mid size park close to freeway and lots to do and...

The state park even has camp sites and the Mexican town of...

A little history first.

Former HQ building being preserved

Looking through the tiny door of HQ

Nice pictures of a picture, then and now...

General info

A couple "Jenny's"

A real Jenny hanging in the museum

Funny diddy about early flying in a Jenny.

Some Jenny info and data.

Earliest personnel carrier fresh from the contractor

How the soldiers dressed

One of the first big Army trucks, notice it's 4 WD!

The couple driving this car during the Villa attack made it. But...

Tra-Park in Pecos

Then we enter Texas through El Paso

our setup

a basic park

Cactus Rose RV in Mingus, TX

Entrance to the park

Our setup

Everything is fixed up as western motif

We've been on the move at a feverish pace though not sooooo fast that it's uncomfortable!

The towns we have stayed in so far, have been since Benson, Dream Catcher Park Deming, NM then Tra-Park Pecos, TX and then here at Cactus Rose RV in Mingus, TX.

We stayed two nights at the Escapees Park, Dream Catcher in Deming, NM. It sits a long stones throw from the freeway so you won't hear much of the freeway noise. We took a day to go to the little town of Columbus, NM. Columbus is the site of an unprovoked attack by Francisco "Pancho" Villa and his military. this attack determined the U.S. Gov't to send Gen. Pershings Army of 10,000 to hunt Villa down. The end of the attack on the town counted 75 dead Villistas, 8 U.S. Army personnel and about 10 town folk. After we toured the great museum at the Pancho Villa State Park we had lunch at a little grille in town. Afterward, we went back up to Deming and took in the St. Clair Winery, a wonderful old vine winery.

Next day we departed and headed to Pecos, TX and the Tra-Park, also an Escapees owned park. Only one night stay there.

Then it was on to Mingus, TX and the Cactus Rose RV Park. Just off the freeway it's a little noisy but quaint and convenient.

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