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Lois got sick during the night from something she had at dinner so she was up during the night, and hasn't eaten today. She has some pills the doctors at the travel clinic prescribed so she will get better soon. The flight from Amsterdam was uneventful once we learned how to operate all the automated baggage check machines at Schiphol Airport. Luckily there were KLM personnel around to help. We really enjoyed our stay in Amsterdam,and would recommend a stopover there. Customs and baggage claim in Kigali were pretty fast and easy. We had a representative from Audley meet us at the airport and bring us to our hotel. Even at night the city looks pretty because of all the hills. Our guide stressed that you can walk anywhere at any time in Kigali, and not worry about your safety.

Although Kigali is near the equator, it is not too warm (high 70's to mid 80's).

Tomorrow we are driven to our lodge up in the mountains near the gorillas where we will stay for four days. The lodge claims to have internet. If it works, we will send posts from there. So far the weather gods have smiled on us, but the rains are predicted to begin while we are in the mountains.

Quick note from Lois: if you are not on Facebook, you will be missing the posts that Jocelyn has put up. Some very cute photos of us in Amsterdam. My tummy is still unsettled.

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