2016 holiday travel blog

Here we are at Meriden, woken up by the sound of black cockatoos. Time to have breakfast, mind you it's only 5.45 and the coolest of the long hot Summer day. We looked up a laundromat to take our duck feather mattress protector for a wash as my darling husband decided to have a glass of red wine last night and guess where it ended up? Yes ! A whole glass lol,when we got there we soon discovered it was an industrial laundry and they wash for you that means it might be a bit more expensive however it will come back clean and dry as I've washed it before and know that it takes along time to dry,the guy said come back in 2 hours.

Getting into the car mal said I have a surprise for you as we drove along the shops,we pulled outside a hairdressers go and treat yourself to something nice he said. The only one that has touched my hair is my friend Marg,I rang Marg so she could talk to Kristy the hairdresser and inform her on what she uses on my hair, that made me feel better lol. After three and a half hours I came out a new women the only thing I can say is I wouldn't let her cut much off my hair as I didn't like her cutting style, then again she's only been doing it for three years and not very experienced in cutting. Love Margie she's the best.

As it was so hot we thought it's no good going back to the free camp where the bus is. we might as well go to the local tavern for lunch,it was lovely sitting in the cool a relief from the heat.

Back at the camp I got the mattress protector from the plastic bag and noticed it was still wet so hung it over the bull bar to dry. Sitting under the shade of the awning a car pulled up with a girl and a guy in it, they stopped got out of their car to have a chat and admire our set up, you know when you get a uneasy feeling about someone well that's what I got with this guy, mal took him into the bus which I didn't agree on but I couldn't say anything as I was with the girl outside,when they came out of the bus he asked for a glass of water which mal gave him and her. By this time the sun was starting to set,so I said sorry we have to make some phone call so they left, then came back to tell us about a tree they saw that would make a good pic, then proceeded to ask if we're going to be here the night as he will pop back.

Mal and I have always said if we feel head about something we will I've on and that's what we did we drove 17km out of town towards Perth, found a free parking area and that's where we stayed. On talking we have now decided to be more careful on who we invite into the bus. Xxx

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