Map showing where we started the drive ...

This area was loaded with seals..

Seals in the distance..

The best zoom I could get...:-)

Beautiful sandy beaches for miles in this area..


Back on the road, we made a lot of stops...:-)

Lots of restaurants along the drive..

Oceanside motels too...


We loved driving through this area..

Map showing lighthouses in the area..

Info about the towns we drove through, we drove about 75 miles..

Info about the lighthouse we saw..

The lighthouse we saw on the route..

Zoomed view...

Lots of lighthouses in yards too..

The starfish sign...

Lots of unusual shops on the drive too..


Deep Bay was awesome..

Mountains with glaciers in the distance..



Arriving in Fanny Bay and the rain starting...

This is a huge oyster area...


We stopped in Courtenay for some great Chinese food...

Lots of sea planes in this area too...

We saw hundreds of swans today..

Another great campground right on the ocean..

The water was loaded with seals here too..

We watched for a while before heading home..

We saw hundreds of swans all over the island..

Last one, back home and a rainbow in front of our

We drove the exciting Oceanside Scenic Route today, it was beautiful. This one tells you to follow the starfish! The starfish is posted on signs to show you the way along Vancouver Island's scenic Oceanside Route, Highway 19A.

We had already visited the Parkville area, we started our tour at Qualicum Beach, we stopped along the way checking out most of the campgrounds. This area is outstanding, where views stretch across sandy beaches, the Strait of Georgia and beyond. Mid-route, the Comox Valley spreads below the glistening Comox Glacier, alongside the sea and into the farmlands and secluded Miracle and Saratoga Beaches, then by the water again at Oyster Bay. At the north end of the Oceanside Route, ocean and island scenery welcomes you to Campbell River. We had to stop just before reaching Campbell river and head home, it was getting dark. We will continue the rest of the tour on another day starting at Campbell River. We had a little rain along the route, please excuse the foggy photos.

We saw so many seals we gave up counting them. They were quite a distance away, I tried to get good pictures, but my zoom was not enough for the distance. We also saw hundreds of swans, they are all over this island. It was a great day for critters for sure, we saw deer and so many eagles and birds we gave up counting. There are also bears in the area, we are hoping so see one when we finish the scenic route. I am adding the best pictures from the drive and hope you enjoy. Check back later for more, we will be visiting the Pacific side of the island next.

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