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Fort Worth

The White Elephants

We awoke today to some serious weather alerts. Tornadoes, flooding and major storms. We still thought we would venture out until the weather forced us indoors.

As usual we were up around 7 and out by 8.30, typically though, nothing was open. Most shops opened at 10am some did some window shopping and wandered the stockyards to do the touristy thing. True to form Brett even found a sports store in Forth Worth, he managed to purchase some Dallas Cowboys memorabilia and a Texas University cap... I fear we may be branching out into university stores.

Twice a day in Fort Worth they herd the Longhorns along the Main Street to the sale yards. We watched this happen, herded by the Cowboys who put on a bit of a show. There was one who was the spitting image of our neighbour Derrick, we named him our Texan Derrick!

We managed to fit in some ribs and shrimp salad for lunch at Risckys. This was a bbq restaurant, yet another seriously cheap and delicious meal.

After lunch we hit the saloon, the White Elephant Saloon. It had some funky white elephant statues and lots of other interesting pieces. We were admiring the hats on the walls, the wall were lined with cowboy hats. Then we realised the ceiling was too.

We took some roadies back to the hotel to reassess our plans and get the latest weather report. They said Dallas and Fort Worth were on tornado alert and were expecting 4 days of bad weather. They were spot on with their rain prediction, they said 4pm and it hit at 4.01. We were unsure whether to leave the next day or not so we held off hiring a car in case we stayed.

That night we went for dinner at Coopers BBQ. Brett had read that they served great ribs. Well, it was an experience. We braved threatening rain to get there (wouldn't have mattered though as we now had a Dallas Cowboys umbrella), we walked in and were greeted by a young bloke with his BBQ tongs and the biggest bbq we had ever seen. There was no sitting down, getting a menu, we were ordering right now. He had every meat already cooking. We chose a rack of beef ribs, he told us we would only need one rib each, we also had to decide then and there on corn and potato. He gave us our ribs, potato and corn and we moved through the doorway where the next person took our ribs and weighed them and we could choose salads and desserts. We paid, took a seat in a giant hall, like you would see at camp and then wondered where the plates were. As we looked around we realised the 2 sheets of paper on the tray were our plates!

The rib bone was twice as wide as ruler, this was one huge rib and we only needed 1 each, thanks goodness he didn't give us the rack.

After dinner were went back to the White Elephant and listened to some live music, Rachel Stanley, she was pretty good, some country and some classic country. We had to force ourselves to leave at a reasonable hour!

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