2016 Winter Trek travel blog

ROTC students enter the Concours through the crowds

A little whimsy in the seriousness of collector cars

It was a little wet this morning when entering the Concours field

I want to get this cover off and get on the road

Collection of hood ornaments

More hood ornaments

Missed this one in the collages but couldn't leave it out

1941 Packard 180 LeBaron

1931 Auburn 8-100 Boattail Speedster

1912 ALCO (American Locomotive Company) 9-60

Forgot what this one was.

Some of the people at the Concours

Major race trophies on display

ROTC student guarding the trophy

What are they looking at?

Early motorcycle helmet

Celebrating 50th anniversary of TransAm Race Series

1974 Fascination - one of 5 built

Safari car with hard top convertible roof and gun rack

Expensive binoculars, periscopes, propellers, and outboard motors - binoculars $9,500

Loved the color of this Jaegermeister car driven by Hans Stuck

Shadow Cars from the 1970's and '80's

2 Porsche 962's driven by Hans Stuck

Rothmann's Porsche 962

Flyover by vintage aircraft

The professional "selfie-stick"

Who was watching us?

Unrestored "barn find" 1955 Pegaso Z-102 Coupe made it to the show...

113 judges line up to be introduced

Wayne Carini (white hair) from Chasing Classic Cars

Dressed in period costume to pick up their trophy

1956 Austin Healey 100M - I wonder if my 100-6 will ever...

Ray Evernham and his trophy Indy car

Admiring his trophy

Some of the other cars on the field

Best of class winners

More class winners - Note Janice Joplin psychedelic painted Porsche

Best of class

Best of class

Best of class

This guy could barely see over the hood of his Rolls

"Copper Car" found in junk yard and took 19 years to restore

This guy was having a good time after getting his trophy

Mary's Giant Subs version of famous "Men at Lunch" photo

I spent the day on Amelia Island at the Concours. The weather was threatening rain most of the morning so they accelerated the judging so they could do the awards presentations before the predicted downpour. It was a great show with every kind of car imaginable, from fancy to funny. As part of the the awards ceremony, they introduced the judges who picked the winners. There were 113 judges from all over the world involved in the judging. Some of the one I was familiar with included Wayne Carini from Velocity's Chasing Classic Cars, Hendrick Motorsports Ray Evernham, as well as several well known race car drivers. I watched most of the awards, but decided to leave before the end of the awards to avoid the stampede to the buses back to the parking area. I had gotten all of the pictures I needed and my feet and knees were killing me from standing all morning. About the time I got back to Winnie, the skies started to open up. I am glad I left early. Forgive me, but there are lots of pictures today.

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