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New Marina under construction in Al Bateen area

Elaine loves the architecture of the surrounding buildings

Elaine finds Etihad towers at one end of the corniche

Red Bull Air Race attracts people to the Corniche to watch

Huge water pylons mark the course for the pilots

Old fishing Dhows line up sometimes 6 deep.

Friday was a mesh of various activities. The Al Bateen boatyard was recommended in many of the guidebooks and websites as a must see in Abu Dhabi. That was our only firm plan. The area is under major construction but the marina, and the drive around Al Bateen beach area was nice. Large expensive homes where many of the richer locals live line the streets behind big concrete walls.

Low flying planes caught our attention as we neared the corniche area. The drive to the corniche and on to the fish market was on hold as our plans unfolded to include the Redbull Air Race. Our Canadian came in 6th. I didn't even know this was a competitive sport. Always learning something new.

The planes performed with amazing skill by flying through giant pylons sitting on the water. Often the plane would have to tip sideways to fit through the pylons. At the end of the first time through, the plane soared up and over to return for a second round without losing too much time. Speed is recorded as they maneuvre their way through the course. Visit Air Race to check the action on line

A quick walk back to the Marina Mall where our car was parked provided a much needed washroom break and a bite of lunch before moving on. The corniche drive took Elaine and Dick on a bit of a memory trip. They remember years ago being in this area but hardly recognize it now with all the construction that has taken place.

The fish market at Port Zayed is always a novelty for reasons we don't even expect. The working Dhows are tied up side by side by side, often 6 deep with the fishermen, often from India, hanging about doing what fishermen do when not at sea. They are so friendly and love to chat with the foreigners, especially Elaine and Dick who can talk about India with them. Today we discovered people painting along the sidewalk near the boats, very thin cats, a nice waterside restaurant we made note of to return to, and many workers building what looks like lobster traps.

Once back to our villa we prepared dinner and enjoyed a chatty evening catching up with all sorts of news and events.

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