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Today was the day for Marilyn’s Dental appointment, so we left early for the drive to Progreso, Mexico.

We stopped at Linda’s Pharmacy in Progreso, to pick up some medication and then continued down the crowded sidewalk, passing vendors selling all sorts of merchandise.

Marilyn had mentioned that she wanted to get a pedicure so we walked toward Rafiella’s Salon, just below the Red Snapper Restaurant. I told her that we had plenty of time before her 11:00 AM appointment.

Before we arrived at the Salon, Marilyn changed her mind and wanted to shop a little bit, saying she would wait until next week to get a pedicure. I think maybe she had the Dental work on her mind.

I suggested we stop in at the Dentists’ office to see if there was any possibility of getting in early.

We stopped in a few minutes before 10:00 AM and Marilyn was able to get right in. In fact, by 10:35, she was all finished.

The original appointment, including an x-ray cost $10.

The cost today for extracting a tooth, was $50.

She is now feeling fine with no pain, but has some dietary restrictions for a couple of days.

Our gang, mostly over at Bentsen Palms Village, planned a Mexican themed carry-in dinner for those who are leaving right away, so I attended the Happy Hour at 4:00 and then stayed for the dinner at 5:00.

It was all very good and the only thing missing was Marilyn.

She will be back to normal, (minus one wisdom tooth), in a few days, and we will continue having fun and enjoying the great weather here in the Rio Grande Valley.

Life is Good!

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