2016 holiday travel blog

We started out early this morning to beat the heat,stopping at a little town on the way called Brookton for our morning coffee,it's so hard to get a really hot coffee,no matter how much I ask it very really happens.

We are in the middle of the wheat belt and boy is it dry,you drive all day and see miles and miles of country,it's such a huge distance between towns.

Finally we arrived at our destination a place called Hyden, which is east of Perth we're here to see Wave Rock which we will attempt in the morning,in the mean time we drove to Mullka Cave and climbed some rocks,I felt like a mountain goat we only walked for an hour as it was the middle of the day and to hot.

Thank goodness the park has a pool,getting into our gear it wasn't to long and we were both enjoying the coolness of the water, how refreshing.

The flys are bad during the day and the mozzies come out after sunset,so you can't win. It's best to start cooking before it gets dark, mal always takes care of the meat out on the bbq as I try not to cook meat in the bus. While mal cooks the chicken I made some coleslaw and potato salad, two magies came up to the table,so I went inside a got some raw mince and they joined us for dinner.

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