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After our detour we drove for a couple of hours on to Lake Taupo. We were going to do a skydive but the doctor had reccommended no outside activites for at least 5 days, so we decided to head on to Napier.

Lying on sweeping Hawke Bay, Napier occupies a fine coastal postion and enjoys its fair share of sunshine eahc year. It was virtually destroyed in 1931 after an earthquake which measured 7.9 on the richter scale. It was rebuilt using an art deco style and now challenges Miami for the title of art deco capital of the world. There are numerous examples of the style around the city. Napier is also a good base to explore the regions many wineries.

We had a quick look around and found a fairly decent motel. Our room had cooking facilities so we made a visit to the supermarket and got some food in for the next few days.

While in Napier we had a look around several of the vineyards in the area. As Nick was on antibiotics he played the driver while Monica tasted all of the wines ! The wineries were very generous with their tastings so by the fourth vineyard Monica had had a lot of wine !!

We went to marine world one day on a penguin workshop. We were shown around the different areas and could touch and hold the little blue penguins (the smallest penguins in the world). It was very interesting and Monica loved it ! There were also seals and dolphins as well as different types of birds. The penguins were very friendly and would follow you around. There was one particular one that followed as around the whole of marine world !

The art deco buildings in Napier are pretty cool to look at and we had a wander around town. It is a very relaxed place and we enjoyed it. As we had a kitchen in our place we cooked in the evenings and made sandwiches for lunch.


Albatross Motel - Good room with big bed and kitchen as well as sky tv ! ($70).

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