Gary and Debbie's Israel Trip 2016 travel blog

In the middle of the mountain top

Building near the palace

Scanning the ruins

Near the synagogue

Vestige of the ramp

Looking down from the mountain top

Mass outside near mountain springs in En Gedi

Trees growing from spring water

Masada is a tall, flat bluff above the Dead Sea, not connected to another mountain. It was a major palace and fortress for King Herod. Took a cable car to the mount and it is an amazing ruin. The whole mountain top was a self-sustainable city, with huge food storerooms, creative water system, synagogue, military enhancements and food gardens.

Although later it became a Christian monastery, it's one of Israel's most historical site. About 960 Jewish residents outlasted the Roman army of 15,000 for two years on the bluff, trying to hold their land from the foreign invaders. The siege ends after months of hurling catapults and the Romans finally building a massive ramp up the side of the mountain ro breech the fortress wall with a battering ram. ( they used Jewish prisoners of war to build the ramp; that way the residents would not kill their countrymen, thus sealing their fate). But they found all the residents had committed suicide instead of being captured and sold into slavery. This is the Israeli event that cements the patriotic fervor that they will die for the Jewish promise land.

Enjoyed walking around the ruins and being amazed at how educated and creative Herod and the Jewish people were who built this.

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