2016 holiday travel blog

We woke at 6.30 as we had to take the bus in to hino Perth for a service also to get the clutch replaced as we had noticed it slipping alot, it had been adjusted twice now it's time for it to be replaced before we head out for a big city don't want anything to happen as we're heading towards Broome better be safe than sorry.

After dropping off the bus we arrived at Cottesloe Beach for breakfast we'd been to this cafe before so we knew it was great the scenery was fantastic, on the balcony over looking the beach what a great way to enjoy a meal of bacon, eggs,mushrooms,tomatoes,cheese and spinach.

Whew! After that off to the Maritime Musuem for a submarine tour, the guy that took us was an ex submariner naturally he new the ins and outs of the Oberion class Owens sub. You really want to be an eager submariner to be in there day after day in such a small area with 71 men with no escape We loved the tour and looking around the sub with great interest.We remained at the Musuem until 4pm.

Driving back to Hino we learnt that the bus wouldn't be ready till tomorrow. In saying that we booked into the Pagoda hotel spa resort for the night in Perth City over looking the Swan river. We had a very romantic dinner and a lovely spa bath which we thought we'd better enjoy as it will probably be the last time for awhile,tomorrow we'll pick the bus up and be back to free camping, which I must say is better than any resort don't get me wrong a resort is nice after being in the bus for a long time however I'd have the off road camping anytime.

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