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Morning at the Sea of Galilee

Capernaum city ruins. You can see the modern church built over Peter's...

The circle area is pretty well agreed to be Peter's house. Other...

Along the north shore of the Sea of Galilee

Mensa Christi, where the resurrected Jesus prepared fish

Church of the Beatitudes

Mass on the mountainside

Alter above the stone for the multiplication of the loaves and fishes

Our group boating on the Sea of Galilee

Another gorgeous day, bright sunshine and mid 70s. The Sea of Galilee was calm and serene. It's really just a nice sized leaked, about 7miles across and 15 miles North to South. Pretty cold water, but it provides Israel with about 50% of it's fresh water.

Visited Capernaum on the north shore. It's not a city anymore, but a ruin. There's an excavation which is believed to be the original house that St. Peter lived in and houses around it where it is believed that Jesus would have lived when he started his ministry. They built a very modern church directly over the house, although there is a glass floor where you can look directly down onto the area. There are also ruins of the large synagogue that was built near the site in about 400 A.D. as a way to compete the growing Christian population. Not necessarily very grandeur in it its looks, but pretty intense from a religious viewpoint as Jesus's starting point.

Off to The Church of St. Peter's Primacy, just down the road and still on the north shore. It is an area known as Tabgatha. The site is said to where the resurrected Jesus presented to the apostles the third time and prepared fish on a rock. A small church was built over the rock, Mensa Christi. It where Jesus reaffirms Peter as the new church leader after Peter tells Him three time he loves him. We touch the rock and walk along the shore a bit.

Next stop is a hillside church on Mount Beatitudes. No one is really sure where the sermon on the mount occurred, but some French nuns purchased this beautiful mountain above the town of Copernaum and it has been revered as the traditional site for Jesus's teaching of the beatitudes. Beautiful overlooking the Sea of Gailile. We had mass on the mountainside, the lunch in the visitor room.

Back down the hill to Tabgatha to the Church of the Miltiplication of the Loaves. Once again the church was built over the rock that the loaves and fishes were used, but the site is probably more of a tradition. It's the first place where we saw. some political impact as the atrium of the church was burned last year from a terrorist group. Somehow the attached wooden frame church survived.

Finally, a little touristy stuff, we took a wooden boat and "sailed" (motored) slowly on the Sea of Galilee back to the hotel. Had a little fun dancing to Israeli music, watched a demonstration of net fishing and simply enjoyed a peaceful ride back. Kept looking for someone brave enough to try and walk on the water.

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