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Terry Prepares the Salmon for the Grill

Jim, Rudy and Borden Put Up Lots of Tables and Chairs

Sandi, Susan and an Unknown Person Prepping Their Pot Luck Goodies

Shelley (Terry's Wife) and Aubrey Chatting

Labyrinth Behind the Episcopal Church

Pretty Southwestern Catholic Church

Desert Lily in Bloom

Yellow-Green Flowers on Sandi's Barrel Cactus

March 5, 2016 Last Few Days in Borrego Springs

One morning I woke up early and I decided to walk the labyrinth. It's close to a mile across the desert to get to there but it was a cool enough morning that I didn't worry about snakes and just enjoyed looking at the short-growing but beautiful wildflowers.

Okay, I have never walked a labyrinth before but always have been drawn to them. The path on this one is very narrow so I knew I'd have to make myself walk slowly, which is not my normal speed. Maybe that's the point? Took a deep breath and began. It takes concentration to keep your feet in the middle of the path and not knock any of the small white rocks into it. Obviously previous walkers had not been successful so I kept bending over and putting the stray rocks where they belonged. Then it dawned on me, maybe they already WERE where they belonged. Oh, that was deep, so I didn't pick up any more of them and just let them BE, feeling really proud of myself to be soooooooo centered (even if the rocks weren't). Then I thought, “Stop thinking! You are supposed to be on a walking meditation!” Yeah, right. My “monkey mind” may have turned off for about three seconds towards the end until I realized it and accidentally turned it back on. I decided that maybe I would not build a labyrinth in my back yard until I get a lot more practice.

Wednesday evening was the big Salmon Feed and it was a lot of fun. It was Borden, the owner's, 80th birthday. He started the mesquite burning early that morning so it would be coals by the time Terry was ready to cook. There must have been 50 people there and that resulted in a ton of wonderful pot luck salads, casseroles and breads. Jim, Susan and I sat with their friend Aubrey, a widower from Grey Eagle, CA. Nice guy who we all agree they are NOT trying to fix me up with. Good thing because he looks uncannily like my brother-in-law Richie and likes to joke around with waitresses like my ex-husband. Besides, he has a girlfriend, she just doesn't like to travel. (Maybe her air leaks out? Kidding!)

On the other side of the coin, Sandi and Borden have tried to fix me up with every single guy they know of (all two of them). Sandi says Pete is a “good catch”; he has money and took great care of his wife when she was sick. Okay, that's good, but he is also 80, nearly deaf and keeps score funny when playing tennis (1, 2, 3, 4 instead of 15, 30, 40, etc.) He obviously has problems with the French which might be the only thing we'd have in common. Soon after I arrived here Borden said, “I am parking a single guy right next to you!” like it was a good thing. David was a polite, outgoing, good tennis player from a little island in BC, Canada but he was an odd duck. First day on the court he explained to everyone that if the ball hit the top of the net and fell onto your opponents' side that was St. Bernice helping you out; if she was against you it wouldn't go over. He did this same spiel with everyone and even told Susan he'd actually SEEN St. Bernice. When he wasn't playing tennis he was talking loudly on the phone to his “sweetheart” or yakking someone's ear off in the clubhouse. He told several people he was a doctor (he “examined” a tennis player during the tournament when her blood pressure tanked) but I think most ex-doctors own more than one pair of shorts and don't use duct tape to hold their slide-in camper latches down. Just sayin'.

Last night Susan and Aubrey had a date to go to a play called, “Funny, You Don't Look Like a Grandmother” that some of their tennis friends are in. The four of us went out to dinner at Carmelita's first, then Susan drove us home so Jim could watch his recordings of “American Picker”.

Today I am getting Wanda ready for departure. We have high winds coming in tomorrow and possible rain on Monday so I might lower her top in anticipation. I will be gone all afternoon and evening Saturday, will hunker down tomorrow and be ready to roll Monday morning.

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