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In airport - Denpasar, Welcome

On streets...for coming celebrations

Very elaborate constructions

Part of Bali we are in

Back of a guys T-shirt, hmmm

Tim getting foot message in hotel

At Michael's

Mare & Michael having a verbal exchange

Wildlife in Michael's yard

To Seminyak area and friend of Mare's, Michael...


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We arrived in Denpasar/Bali about 1:30 p.m. totally uneventful passage thru security/customs. Outside the terminal it got interesting...we had to get money via ATM but first to determine how much. The exchange it was +/- 14:1 rupiah to dollars - it should have been very easy but the zeroes had us totally flummoxed!! Our first attempt got 300,000 rupiah thinking it was about $250 U.S. (since we're in Indonesia 30 days getting more to start seemed to be no problem). Then the ATM shot out 3 - 100,000 rupiah bills! What? No, we need smaller currency than what we thought were equivalent to $100 U.S. dollar bills! So to the bank we trooped and they very kindly broke them down into 10,000, 20,000, & 50,000 bills.

Bon felt we needed smaller bills for the taxi etc. so she asked if they'd break down at leas some of the 10,000's? With a very kindly smile, the fellow said he was sorry but "you know, the 10,000 bill is less than a dollar!"

WOW! Finally it sunk in, we'd gotten less than $25 U.S. for our 300,000 rupiah! Not even enough for a taxi ride! Millionaires now, in rupiah wit each of us having 3,000,000 +! HA!

Our next challenge was to find Michael, Mari's friend, near the Frankenstein Bar in Seminyak, a "suburb" of Bali. None of the taxi drivers knew of it so we paid one to at least take us to the area, Seninyak - Bintang Market. Once there we asked numerous people - none had a clue until Mari happened upon a fellow (taxi driver) sitting near Bintang Market who directed us right to the place. By now it was 4 p.m. and Mari had told Michael we'd be there about 3:30. The fellows at the bar had heard nothing of the name of a spa Michael had mentioned in his note to Mari that was 2 doors away from Frankensteins!!

Needless to say, Bon & Mari found Michael and all was well, but it showed me how sometines clueless we all are about our surroundings, even 2 doors away!

Bon & I ended up for the night at a hotel Primara Seminyak-Bali, a bright pink place just a block from Michael's where Mari stayed.


Today breakfast, part of the 385,000 room fee, then off to search for a different place to stay - Bon hates this place!

Well, as it r\turned out Michael invited us to stay at his place - cushions on the floor and fan, no T.V., no AC and some mosquitoes but Bon likes this better!? Economizing. Once moved, Bon & I set off looking for an INR clinic, guide books, print/copy shop, wifi location/internet, new 32 GB card for my camera, hat for sun/Bon, and umbrella for sun/rain, etc. Found a copy shop (taxes to mail) and grabbed a taxi to a clinic near BINDI Hospital for INR...they could email me the results so no wait or return!

After 2 hours walking we were back at Bintang Market...Mari & Michael had already gone to dinner by the time we got back (7:30).

Sleep was not as restful as our hotel for me - pad uneven & fan too direct & didn't keep mosquitos away either. Oh well, just 2 more nights...and it's cheap!



Another day looking for a guidebook...Mari doesn't care, she's a 'seat of her pants' traveler but also means wasting a lot of time trying to find accomodations, transport, locating good spots to travel to, etc. None of these things does she do well - witness our trip into Punjab. It was a gab filler for sure but my idea of travel - such as it is - is to discover something a bit out of the ordinary, not day after day of same same.

Seat of your pants travel makes every day a half or more rest day by just seeing very local temples, shrines, monuments, etc...stuff Mari loves and takes numerous photos of. She does know lots of history which makes the time more worthwhile even though I remember little of it.

I am not a casual traveler (not so much a willing one either) so if I'm not into some natural landscape - w/ critters, or snorkeling, or getting away from cities then I'm not very pleasant to be around!

We did locate an L.P. for $42 U.S.! I had an hour long foot massage - I'm thinking this is what I need to break up the connective tissues built up in my foot.Discovered we are not so welcome here at Michael's via Mari. She said we've accepted his invite which he really didn't expect us to do and now regrets. Oh well, he leaves tomorrow and we'll not be back here so I guess just have to accept our more we can do.


The humidity here is stifling. I'm not adapting so I guess just making the best of it by seeking 'wet' environs is my out. Gotta watch the sun though. Our snorkel expedition burned my legs behind my knees and just now the skin is getting back to normal. Even when it's mostly overcast the sun can burn here near the equator!

We walked for another 2 hours looking gor incidentals, ended up buying the $42 U.S. Indonesia guidebook! Bon is concerned about planning beyond Indo as well. Our plane tickets to Athens leave Bali on the 29th of March.

Ate again at Café Seminyak - Greek salads and Ratatouille - yum. Michael left at 7, place totally clean.

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