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Our time together outdoors didn’t last long this morning because we had so much work to get done.

Marilyn fixed a nice breakfast burrito while I started carrying papers over to the coach house. I guess I should explain but I’m not very proud of being such a procrastinator.

We normally get our mail once a month. When the mail arrives, I am usually busy with something I enjoy more than looking through the mail. I casually sort the mail, picking out the important things and ignoring the rest. It goes into a basket beside my chair. When the basket gets full, Marilyn puts it into a large drawer.

She nags me a little bit, telling me about every six months, that I need to get that mail situation under control.

Today was the day. I carried my fire-proof safe to the coach house where I had set up a table. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that my file cabinet (safe) was also in quite a state of disarray.

First, I organized the files in the safe, and then started on the basket of mail. I had the shredder set up also and it had a workout today.

By the time I quit for the day, the basket was empty but the table was covered with stacks of papers, each stack for only one subject, like bank statements, social security, medical, insurance, financial statements (several stacks, depending on the institution), and information brochures about the RV, etc.

Tomorrow I will get the table cleared and be ready to start on the first drawer full of stuff. Marilyn is hoping that I will have “learned my lesson” and will keep up on things a little bit better than I have been doing.

It will all be neat and complete by the time we leave here in the spring. LOL

While I stayed busy with this stuff, Marilyn took a few pictures to show the beautiful flowers blooming as spring arrives here in the Valley.

We did take some time out to sit together with a cold drink and some good music.

Life is Good!

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