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Through this entire winter, we have experienced awesome weather with the exception of a couple of days at the end of December when it was damp and chilly.

I love it when we can sit outdoors every day, as we did this morning.

We shared a freshly brewed pot of coffee, outdoors, with soft music, while a nice breeze caused the palm trees to wave good morning to us.

We talked about things we wanted to accomplish today while we sipped our coffee, and once that coffee was finished off we got really busy.

We drove to Lowes to shop for needed parts for the main grill, (We also have a small one), then a much larger pot and some extra dirt for Marilyn’s Pony Tail Palm tree.

Once we arrived back at the RV we ate a quick lunch and then started cleaning the big grill, re-potting the palm tree, cleaning the fire pit, and then sat down to relax for a few minutes.

Steve & Cathy stopped by to visit and we enjoyed the company.

As the sun began to set, it was time for showers again. The warm temps make “2 a day” showers more normal. LOL

Our Texas driver’s licenses have not yet arrived but I expect them tomorrow.

I still have to print out some forms on-line, and complete them, then take them to the Hidalgo County Courthouse.

That should complete our entire process of becoming Texas citizens.

Tonight we are all settled in with snacks and the TV. Tomorrow we expect to have our coffee outdoors once again.

For sure, Life is Good!

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