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We spend March 5, 6, 7 exploring Lao weaving at Phaeng Mai and explore other museums/locations in the evening.

Friday, saturday & Sunday were dedicated to weaving classes at Phaeng Mai Gallery.

-Bettes set up her loom for discontinuos brocade inlay.

-Kay set up her loom for supplementary warp.

-My loom was set up for Tai Lu leno.

After a full day Saturday at the looms we took a break Sunday afternoon. Those Lao looms do take bending and finagling to get in and out off & take a toll on Anglo bodies.

We visited Monument Books which always offers a good selection of textile specialty books. It also has the added benefit of air conditioning and a prime location across from Lao Textiles, Carol Cassidy's gallery.

We were able to meet up with Carol Cassidy to talk to her about her Cambodia project and listen to a fascinating flow of changes in Laos. Lots of information generously shared.

I was also able to arrange a short visit to Taykeo's Textile Gallery and shop. Taykeo was in Pakse on business but graciously arranged for her daughter to open the gallery for us. Her looms upstairs were filled with beautiful special order brocade work. Kay and Bettes got to see more loom pattern configurations and lao weaving loom tricks.

After some great conversation some shopping wad done. We headed back to the hotel for drinks and found an invite for dinner with Kong thong and her husband. The day endec with great Vietnamese food and time with my first Lao weaving teacher about her next step in her career in supporting Lao weavers.

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