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February 29, 2016 Happy Leap Day!

It's also the four-week anniversary of my Borrego Springs arrival. My time here has flown by and I know why the Ammons and so many others have fallen in love with this place. People from all over the world come here for birding; butterflies; paleontology workshops; sky-watching; 4-wheeling and dirt biking; hiking; and of course for wildflowers. Many people I've met started visiting here for a month......then two months the following year.....then four and then six months. Some people live here year round and love it. The real estate prices are modest by California standards and there's a wide range of options from vintage trailers on a rental lot to multi-million dollar estates, but then there's that pesky water issue. Sigh. All I know is, I hope I can come back next winter.

Saturday Susan loaned me little PT and I set out early for Calico's to get a cup of coffee (and a “super fruit” vegan muffin which was yummy). I wanted to walk off the muffin at the labyrinth that Nancy told me about located behind the Lutheran Church on conveniently-named Church Road. I parked and walked through the desert, veering towards every pile of rocks I saw only to discover they were just piles of rocks. I drove past the other two churches and still never found it. Since it was now 8:00 am I headed to the Frugal Coyote for some thrifting. An hour and 20 minutes later, after looking at everything in the store and trying on at least 10 things, I left empty-handed. Bummer!

I managed to spend some money at the ABDNHA store before making a quick stop at the market to fill up my gallon jug of water. Turned the corner to head for the bank and heard, “glug, glug, glug”. Yep, the jug had tipped and the snap-on cap popped off so I cleaned Susan's carpet and floor mats, (which if you know Susan you know they weren't dirty). Both bank lobbies are closed on Saturday so I came home without laundry quarters. These misadventures describe the worst day I have had in Borrego Springs. Pretty good, huh?

Saturday afternoon there was a “couples” social tennis get together. Being the only single ladies, (Jim didn't want to play), Susan was paired with Ray and I was paired with Sheldon. We played against each other the first round and they won, but we got a second chance at them later in the day and we won. The whole thing was a lot of fun and afterwards there was pizza. Many people are starting to leave so a few people led the group in singing “Happy Trails to You”, (after someone looked up the lyrics on their phone).

Yesterday Susan and I did a short hike in the desert and things are started to bloom! Lots of primrose and small hot pink flowers, some ocotillo and desert lavender, and the cactus all have buds. We didn't see any desert lilies but I am hoping to see some before I leave. They are gorgeous! Here's a link.

Afterwards we met Jim for coffee and coffeecake, and no, I have not lost an ounce of weight on this trip. Susan took us on a drive to some of the other developments in the area, stopping by her friend Jackie's house where I got a tour of her beautiful home. She also drove me to the labyrinth which had somehow been moved from the Lutheran Church to the Episcopal. How'd they do that?

When I got back to the tennis center Borden and Jim helped me move Wanda (again!) because two big rigs are coming in and they need full hook-ups. I once again have a patio rug so it's not a bad thing, just a pain in the butt to stow things just to move 20 feet. Last night I went to the clubhouse to watch TV with Marie, switching between the Oscars and Downton Abbey. Today I am off to play tennis and then watch the Ladies 7.0 team play here. Life is good.

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