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The Coral Castle.

This explains how it got here.

Tourist in one of the designed lounges.

The State of Florida, picnic table.

Look through a hole above the girls head and through the obelisk...

He was into the planets.

His own designed Sundial.

A 6 ton rotating gate, you can move with one finger.

To the second floor.

His bed.

His kitchen an living room.

Where is the escalator.

Overall view from above.

The exterior.

This is the quarry around the house where he got some of...

Headed to the Everglades.

View from the Visitors center. That's the Keys way over there.

Can you see the Manitee chomping on the seagrass?

The Eagle family, one in the nest.

We were going to Everglades National Park and decided to check out the Coral Castle. Coral Castle is a stone structure built by an eccentric Latvian American. It is mostly limestone structures formed from coral. Each wall or piece weighs several tons. It is claimed that it was built single handedly by one man. It's somewhat of a legend compared to the Pyramids. Check out the pictures.

It was about 30 miles through the everglades to the visitor center of Everglades National Park. There are small and large ponds along the way. Some ponds were closed because of nesting birds. Others were being used for kayaking and canoeing. There were a couple of gator sightings on the day we were there.

The Everglades is the largest tropical wilderness in the US. It is home to many protected species including the Florida Panther.

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