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For fun, not competition

Build a Fire, then move it to the smoker.




Our gang walking around

Entrance to the Fairgrounds


Janet & Bob ready to judge

Steve & Cathy


Jesse is ready for the Chicken

Chicken is ready for Jesse






One of the events we enjoy here in the Rio Grande Valley is called “Smokin’ on the Rio”, which is the Texas Championship BBQ Cookoff.

It is held at the Fairgrounds in Mercedes, Texas, late in February each year. This year they had more than 240 teams competing for more than $30,000 in prize money.

The entry fee for each team was $300 so it is serious competition.

Bob & Janet, Jesse & Ginger, Eddie & Jan, Steve & Cathy, and Marilyn & I all went from here. We walked around together, tasting the various samples offered by the competing teams and basking in the smoke and wonderful aroma of BBQ.

All of us except Eddie & Jan decided to be judges in the Chicken Category. Eddie & Jan waited until 2:00 PM to be judges for the BBQ Ribs.

We met several friends we knew from other RV Parks, like Tom & Bernie, and Gia.

It was a great time and we certainly were not hungry after judging the chicken and sampling the Charro Beans, Brisket, Pulled Pork, etc.

I could easily end this journal entry with my mantra that Life is Good, but there is one more event I want to mention.

On March 12th, just two weeks from now, in San Benito, there will be a re-enactment of the Battle of San Jacinto, when General Sam Houston defeated Santa Ana’s army and won Independence for the new, independent nation of Texas. This Battle took place on March 12, 1836.

Texas was an Independent Nation for nearly nine years before they became part of these United States.

We look forward to being in San Benito for that celebration of Texas Independence Day but will be home in time for another event, which will be a gathering of our group of friends

Now I can say it with conviction. Life is Good!

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