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Kirralee rocks

It's surprising how early you go to bed when you have no TV. After our nightly game of scrabble we went to sleep at 8pm last night,maybe that's why we were awake at 4.30 eating breakfast at 5.30 and on the road by 6.15.

After two hours of driving we arrived in Kalgoorlie, here we planned to do a few things, first was the bus wash, because of the heavy rain last night mixed with red dust everything was dirty. What did we ever do without google maps? It found us a wash big enough to accommodate the bus and car. Next was fuel,then straight to Bridgestone tyres, how great was there service drive in drive out, they checked all the pressure of the tyres,found one of the nuts was stripped,told us to drive to a truck place two doors up and see if they can match the thread.

After a long look he came up with one, but just to be sure sent us back to the tyre place to get them to put it on, just I case it wasn't right before we paid for it, beautiful! it was a good match,drove back to Truck place purchased oil filters,oil and paid for the nuts,all cool there.

By the time that was all done we were hungry found a Coffee Club, sat down in the cool and had a delicious lunch, watching the aborigines shoving a upright pram into the back of a maxi taxi, she was to big to sit in with the pram so the young girl in the front swapped seats with her,no seat belts here, the baby sat on the mothers knee and the taxi drove off. As Woolworths was right next door, our next adventure was shopping,out came a sanitised wipe from my bag before we grabbed the trolley, Mal and I were at the checkout when security was called and a group of 6 aborigine boys were chased from the shop, apparently they were in the store yesterday ripping open the nappies and putting them under there clothing.

As we parked outside a dump point to empty the toilet and fill up with fresh water, I put all the groceries away,we hadn't been shopping for awhile as it was no use, when at the border you have to hand in all your fresh fruit and veggies.

Next stop was to have some pop rivets put into the awning rail ,on our way out we found a canvas place and he had all the tools to fix it, beauty job done.

Ahhh! Finished with Kalgoolie on our way to Karralee Rocks where we have found an awesome spot camps number(230) the only thing negative about it was the 5kms of corrugated roads but at the end of the day it was a good spot and that's where we stayed the night.

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