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Coogee beach sunset

Sweethearts at Coogee beach

Train at Merriden

5.30 wake up time,might as well put the kettle on. It becomes a bit of a routine, Mal makes breakfast while I make the bed, I suppose you have to do that while you in a small space so you don't get in each other's way. Mal opens the cupboard door looks inside and says,hey babe what's been spilt here? I replied not sure nothing that I new the only thing that's in there is the toaster maybe it's the crumbs from that? No! He said,so I had a look it was the bread I keep in there,Oh no! We have a mouse in the house and his had a party with the bread it was everywhere,not something you like to be doing early in the morning cleaning it up and trying to find him,Which we didn't next stop straight to the shop for a trap.

How good is a breakfast and a nice hot shower,we shower every second day, as while you are travelling you can't always fill the tanks with water, some towns are fantastic and have everything supplied for the traveller. In Kalgoolie they have a dump point for your grey and black water and drinking water so you can fill the tank and plenty of free camp spots to stay the night. It's nice as a traveller to have a choice of whether to camp in free parks or in a caravan park.

Time for a coffee break and refuel at Merriden,I have put a fuel app on my iPad which tells you the cheapest fuel prices in the town we come to, what a difference it's made from $117.9 per litre down to $105.09 it was at a 24hour fuel stop in Merriden. We found a little cafe which served a great HOT coffe, pecan pie and cheese cake to take away, we sat out side in the shade to eat it. When had finished we walked along and looked at the shops couldn't believe they had a Target here that could change our soda stream bottle lol.

On the way back to the bus which was parked near the train station,we spotted a train was in taking passengers from Kalgoolie to Perth. It was the Trans WA, what a nice looking train, we took some pics from the outside and decided to sneak inside for a look before the guard spotted us. Wow! How modern it was a similar set up to a plane with videos at the back of each seat,taking a few pics and looking at each other thinking we better get off before it starts moving lol.

Finally arrived at Coogee Beach holiday park where we are booked in for 5 nights.it nice to settle in one place,We did two loads of washing and got that on the line opened a bottle of wine took it down the beach which is walking distance,sat on the sand and watched the sun setting.

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