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Views of the Southern Ocean across the Nullabor

What a lovely country we live In. The Nullabor isn't how I remember it from years ago driving on miles of dirt road, bush fires burning on the side of the road, a mouse plague. Things do change, now the road is made, there has been enough rain, the trees and grass are green,plenty of food for the kangaroos to feed on inland rather than feeding on the side of the road where they get hit, we can see the Southern Ocean in some parking areas. Sitting having lunch watching the waves crash against the rocks with great force, miles and miles of ocean it's just beautiful.

What a dump of a place Noresman is we went to the run down IGA store there,we were going to buy a few vegetables but changed our minds after walking in and seeing the state of it, I don't normally care and was expecting nothing more but this was a bit ordinary,we purchased some milk in a carton and went towards Kalgoolie to find an free camp.

Driving along we came to the first free camp but decided to do and extra 20kms to the next one,pulling in we found a tree to park under for shade as it was 42degrees with a north wind blowing,mal put the generator on to run the airconditioner. As we sat inside in the cool playing games,we could hear a buzzing out side,opening the blinds,I said to mal are those blow flies he said they looked like bees,the we hovering around the door and the airconditioner vent outside,up on the ladder with a can of spray in hand he proceeded to spray the vent and around his head where they were swarming. All of a sudden the wind came up and the rain started, we gathered everything up and decided to go back to Noresman and get some more spray just as the bus started moving a large crash of lightning hit just beside the bus,it was so loud both mal and I jumped.

We weren't sure if the bees had formed a nest in the vent of the airconditioner at that camp spot or we'd picked them up earlier. After buying the spray we went back to the spot as soon as we pulled up the bees started again gathering round the door,lets got out of here and go to the other spot we saw earlier,pulling up there we stepped out of the bus Ahhh! No bees.

Their was another couple in their van they were heading to Sydney from Perth, we chatted for awhile till the mozzies started to bit.

What a day, time for dinner and bed.

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