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Victor harbour and the causeway to Granite Island from lunch stop on...

Some of the fantastically colourful seaweeds and grasses that had washed up...

The huge sting ray that swum under the causeway as we oassed....

The old horse drawn tram that takes people over the causeway

Evening salad just outside the campsite.It is the moon risiing over Granite...

You could cycle either way from the town along cycletracks and side roads by the coast so we headed north back towards Goolwa in the morning and had a picnic on the headland above Victor Harbour. The next bay had fabulous coloured seaweeds washed up from the reef just out at sea. There were round balls, pale pink lettuces, and bright pink seaweeds as well as the green sea grass and large fawn and brown more normal seaweeds. The reef must look spectacular with the fish as well.

When we returned to Victor Harbour we walked across the raised causeway to Granite island which has a horse drawn tram across to it. Half way across I saw a large about metre across sting ray swimming over the sea grass under the causeway. It had a piece of sea grass over its face which was annoying it and it was trying to curl up its arms/wings/ flippers to flip of the grass .. Not sure what the width is! ... but it did not succeed.

When we were walking round Granite Island we saw a large pod of dolphin swimming and playing just off the island.

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