On the Road with the Kidds! travel blog

Driving through the Coast Range

Logging landing. Just like on Axe Men.

A boat Mike may want to restore?

An old railroad trestle

Spring is trying to appear. Scotch Broom

Sunshine on the beach!

Mike reflection and reflection


Snowy Plover. Cute little guy!

Sanderlings flying by

Bird Paparazi

Mountain Plover! Tah Dah!!

The sun came out again! Time to go somewhere! So we took another quick drive to the coast to enjoy the spring like weather and the sunny day while it lasted. We drove along the Yaquina River again. This time we stopped at Oregon Oyster farm. They grow their own right there at the docks. Mike had a couple of "Pacific Shooters" which are shot glasses with raw oysters in them that get slurped down. I passed. Just can't do it.

We stopped at Mo's chowder house in Newport for a nice lunch, and then headed for South Beach State Park. We checked out the campground for when we get our camper back. We walked the beach and enjoyed the sunshine. Then I saw a few people with large camera lenses looking at the dunes so I went to ask what they were looking at. Tney were looking for a Mountain Plover. This is a bird not seem around here at all. mIt is normally seen in Southern California, Mexico and Southern Texas. It is a rare bird for here and had attracted a lot of attention from the birders around here. It was supposedly hanging out in the driftwood with some little Snowy Plovers. Then a man came up and said it was up the beach a little ways, so we went to go look. And there it was! A new bird for my life list! WooHoo! They were excited too. We all took some pictures and had fun watching it. By then it was starting to get late and dark, so we headed back to Scio. Another great day.

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