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Great Blue Heron and Nutria

Swimming Nutria

And another Nutria. They seem to be a problem here.

Female Ring Necked Duck

Great Egret (times three if you count the shadow)

Hooded Merganser

Thistles in the sun

Pintail duck showing his pin tail

Western Painted Turtle

Pair of Great Horned Owls, well camouflaged.

Close up of Great Horned Owl

On the way back from Seattle we stopped at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. It is in Washington not too far from the WA/ OR border. We met some friends up there, who I met through mutual friends on Facebook. I had met with Marsha before but it was the first time I had met her husband Jim. We had a nice visit. We also met one of the grandkids, Dodge. He was funny. We had Jesse’s Christmas tree in the back of our truck. It has been sitting on Jesse’s deck since Christmas. He was out of town until after New Year and missed the opportunity to dispose of it. So it sat. We took it to add to Dad’s burn pile in Oregon. Mike was talking to Dodge about the tree and explaining why we had a Christmas tree in our truck as they cut up some slices of beef stick with a knife. Then Dodge asked if Jesse had a knife like Mike did. Mike said yes. Dodge asked if Jesse cut deer with it (he comes from a long line of hunters). Mike said no. (Jesse is not a hunter). Dodge says…..Why? Did he miss? Haha!

After a nice visit we followed each other around the refuge. The highlight was a pair of Great Horned Owls. We also saw several Nutria. At one time we saw one waddling up to a perfectly still Great Blue Heron. I was waiting for the Heron to strike and pose for some great photos, but he must not have been too hungry or the Nutria was too big. (Great Blue Herons have been known to eat groundhogs. I was hoping!).

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