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Logs getting loaded at Port Kalama, WA

Totem pole at Port Kalama. 140 feet, all one log.

Close up of totem poles.

Mukilteo Ferry landing and lighthouse.(Washington)

Mt Raineer as seen from I-5

View of Whidbey Island from Mukliteo.

Seattle Skyline from Gas Works Park

Seattle Space Needle on a dreary day.

At Century Link Field one of the concessions is by Kidd Valley....

Mike wants this Ranger Tug badly.

Interactive Art!

Mike checking out a little wooden sailing boat.

And another. Ryan and Becca need one of these!

Yet another tug boat Mike thinks he needs.

Dual steering sailing. Wouldnt you go in circles?

Mt Hood on the ride back to Oregon

Mary's Peak at Sunset. (Near Corvallis)

We went to this boat show last year and decided to do it again.

On the way we stopped at a little park along the Columbia River in Kalama Washington. They have a nice interpretive center there about the Columbia River transportation. One of thee stories was about a side wheeled steamer that was built in Baltimore, disassembled, shipped in 152 crates, then reassembled and built on this coast just for transporting railroad cars to connecting tracks. There was also a few totem poles there. One of them was 140 feet. One of the ladies in the museum said she watched it being carved further in town, then watched it get delivered and put up.

The boat show was at Century Link Field in Seattle, and another part was in Union Lake. By the time Mike was done drooling pathetically over the boats at the Link, it was pouring rain and nearing dark, so we did not get to the lake this year.

We did not buy a boat but Mike sure wanted to. There was a particular Ranger Tug that he was SURE had his name on it. One that could be towed from water to water so it would not have to be docked permanently. It is on the wish list for someday. Maybe when we win that elusive power ball. If we had that boat I would also need to buy plenty of stock in Dramamine in order to ride in it. And THAT will take Powerball winnings!

We talked to an artist working at the show. She had painted on the floor an old waterskiing team. It was interactive art so she encouraged us to stand on it and take a photo. When we did, others did the same. Interesting.

We did not do much this trip besides the boat show. Jesse had been working night shift, so mostly he slept. we went to the Mukilteo Ferry dock for my dose of Ivar's clam chowder and to watch the ferry boats and birds. Trying to stay out of the way while he slept. We did a movie with Jesse. “The Finest Hour” is about a Coast Guard Rescue off Massachusetts. True story and amazing that they did that. But that just re-affirmed the need NOT to have a boat!

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