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A big drive day today (9 hours) to reach the town of Marsabit. But it actually wasn't that long as the road had improved and while there were still sections of very rough road the rest was new bitumen and we reached Marsabit in the early afternoon. Marsabit is a very dusty, quite Muslim, town but our hotel is quite comfortable - very small rooms and shared bathrooms, but clean. No alcohol available at the hotel, however we were told there was a shop around the corner. On investigation we found that we couldn't buy takeaway bottles but could go back that evening when there was a disco happening for Valentine's Day. So after dinner (I ordered roast chicken which came out very bloody so was sent back twice for more cooking - I couldn't stomach it after seeing all that blood), we headed to the disco for a few drinks. It was a fantastic experience, seeing the local Kenyans dancing and talking to them. We also became friendly with a German couple who were on a year long honeymoon driving from Germany to Cape Town. A great evening, and from our hotel room we could hear the music going till well after 3am. Tomorrow we have a 6am breakfast and 6.30am on the road - as the roads have improved so much our 10 hour trip to the border is only going to take 3 hours so we are going to push on to Konso in Ethiopia and have two days there instead of one, which will allow us to check out the museums and markets etc before exploring the Omo Valley.

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