We took the ferry over to Whidbey Island..

Lighthouse view from the ferry..

View from the ferry..

Arriving Whidbey Island..

We enjoyed the beautiful island drive..

Arriving in Anacortes..

Mountain views on the drive to Bellingham..

We had a beautiful suite here..

Our next stop was in Las Vegas at the Trump Tower..

The Trump Tower was a real treat..




Jerry taking pictures of the TV in the mirror...:-)

The room is as big as a house..huge!

Living room..

Huge showers...


You could easily live in this one..:-)

Next, we met at Betty's for the move on the 8th...

Betty's new kitchen before we moved the boxes in.. :-)

Boxes loaded into the dining and kitchen area..

The dining room "after" picture..:-)

The living room is looking good too..:-)

Enjoying a "tea" in the clubhouse ..February 16

Betty and Jerry talking to new friends..

After the tea, we celebrated Jerry's birthday with karaoke..

The birthday boy picking out songs to sing..:-)

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Jerry...he loved it..:-)


Jerry and several others sang for two hours, we enjoyed it much!

Last one, my beautiful and "very happy" sister, Betty. ;-)

It is hard to believe we are celebrating another anniversary today, our 51st. It seems like we just finished celebrating our 50th. We spent over six months in Europe last time, this one is going to be much shorter. :-) We drove to Port Townsend and took the ferry over to Whidbey Island, we enjoying seeing this beautiful island again. We drove through parts of Anacortes, one of our favorite towns and on to Bellingham, Washington. We stayed the night in a nice suite, on the 7th we flew to Las Vegas and enjoyed one night in the beautiful Trump Tower. This was a real treat, the suite was incredible. The mirror in the bathroom even had a TV built in it. I saw the remote and turned it on and was shocked, that is a first for us.

After having two great days for our anniversary, we took a taxi to Betty’s and helped her move. I am showing the "before and after" pictures to show how everything went. The movers did a great job, we are very pleased. I am writing this part one week after the move and we already have almost everything unpacked and mostly in place. Betty is very happy with her new home, we love it too. :-) We also celebrated Jerry's birthday on the 16th at the clubhouse. He sang for hours and loved every minute. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. We will be here for about two weeks before heading back to Sequim, Washington. We will be moving to Vancouver Island, March 1. We plan to do a lot of exploring on the island. Check back later for much more.

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