Winter 2016 travel blog

Seminole Canyon Area

The Oven

Looking into the canyon

Looing south toward the Rio Grande

View of hte canyon


Much more Border Patrol presence this year than in year's past. We have been through 5 checkpoints to date and all with drug sniffing dogs. They are traveling the dirt roads along side the highways and you see their vehicles everywhere.

We traveled FM 170 to Hwy 118 to Hwy 385 to Hwy 90 into Del Rio where we stayed at Broke Mill RV Park. We had spent a night here last year, but we decided to stay several nights and explore the area. Weather was right at 80 and wonderful. We explored historic Del Rio. Some very old buildings here!

One drive took us out to Amistad National Recreation Area. (Amistad is Spanish for friendship). Here we learned that this is one of the best bass fishing reservoirs around. The reservoir has 540 miles of shoreline in Texas and 350 miles of shoreline in Mexico. The park extends 81 miles up the Rio Grande, 14 miles up the Pecos River and 25 miles up Devils River. The Amistad Dam sits on the border of US/Mexico and two bronze eagles at the dam symbolize the cooperation between Mexico and the United States. There is rock art (pictographs) that are some of the oldest in North America. This area is excellent habitat for resident and migrating birds; great blue heron, scaled quail, peregrine falcon.

We continued on this day to Seminole Canyon State Park. This park was named in honor of the U.S. Army's Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts, garrisoned at Fort Clark. The scouts protect the West Texas frontier from marauding Apache and Comanche bands between 1872 and 1914.

This is mostly a hiking park to see the canyon. And to visit any of the historical sites here, you must have a guided tour. Tours only go twice a day and unfortunately didn't fit into our schedule so we unable to see much of this park. There is a nice campground here and 6 hiking trails. Another time, we will know what to expect and make time for a guided park tour.

Our last night in the park was the night before Valentine's Day and the park had planned a Valentine's dinner. It was a great meal and met very nice people, then we were entertained by Dale Morris, a famous fiddle player who toured with Ray Price, Marty Robbins and Sons of the Pioneers. Great evening of food, friendship and music. Dale brought one of his students with him, a 16 year old girl, and had her play with him Very talented young lady.

The park owner/manager, Mike McCarthy came up to us and introduced himself and wanted to know if we were enjoying our stay. Very personable and well run park. We had another wonderful stay, met some great people and plan to go back to this park.

This year the price of Fuel has again dropped. We are averaging about $.67 a gallon less this year. Not the dramatic change we saw last year but still a nice fact. (Since our first trip in 2012 The price of fuel has dropped $1.84 per gallon which means a savings of $1400.00 on the trip.) We have found that the price of the parks on average is the same as our last years trip.

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