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Bill wasn't any better this morning, and he didn't even argue with me when I told him we were staying put in La Junta again tonight (a testament to how sick he is). He's got some kind of stomach bug that's giving him intense heartburn. He already had an ongoing prescription for Prylosec (necessary to offset the consequences of all the medicine he takes), so he started back on that this morning, but it takes a few days to kick in. All he’s eaten since yesterday morning is a piece of toast for lunch today, and even it bothered him. He hasn't wanted any coffee for two days now (which is unheard of for him). I'm being Mother Hen with him because not eating and having diabetes is such a bad combination. He asked me to get some diet ginger ale at Walmart, but he hasn't touched it yet. He’s been in bed more than out of it today. We’ll just have to see about tomorrow. I don't want him driving the beast unless he is very close to 100%. It's hard seeing him like this - he's such a rock most of the time. It's pretty bleak at this small KOA campground, with lots of mud everywhere from the snow melting. Our shoes and floors are a mess, but I'm grateful that it's warm and sunny. We even have the windows open today! I'm spending my time organizing cupboards, reading, and walking the dogs. We got the cable working this morning, so we can watch tv tonight. Sorry for no photos, but there truly is nothing here to see! The one thing here that has impressed me about this place is the Tim the Toolman-sized tornado siren mounted right next to our campground. Very appropriate, since this is the last place we would want to be if a twister was coming!

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