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I have to admit, we were dragging our feet a little on the way to Mumbai.. After spending a week lazing on the clean, quiet beaches of Goa, we were reluctant to jump back into the noisy crowds of the big city again! Fortunately, however, Mumbai ended up being a pleasant surprise! First of all, the air quality is much better than Delhi, thanks to the warm breeze off the Arabian Sea. Second, the sidewalks are mostly intact and wide enough to have some room to breathe that relatively fresh air! And last, the city has an interesting modern, yet traditional vibe that guarantees a new contradiction around every corner. You'll see a shoeless cobbler nailing soles onto shoes on the sidewalk outside of an Adidas outlet store. You'll see a group of young Indian girls wearing shorts and crop tops crossing the street with a woman in a burka. A sprawling slum in the shadow of a gleaming skyscraper, a Bentley pulling up next to an ox cart; the list goes on. Our time in Mumbai was spent sight seeing, people watching, wandering through the Kala Ghoda Art festival, and stuffing ourselves with as much Indian food as possible. Besides the time we took a ferry to what we thought would be Elephanta island, which ended up being a weird seagull-feeding harbour tour, we really enjoyed Mumbai!

India continues to fascinate me. It's colourful and chaotic, fragrant and bountiful, with a deep-rooted culture and a strong sense of self. Our month-long trip has only confirmed that we will definitely have to come back to India. Two or three more times, preferably! While it hasn't always been easy, traveling India has proved that, once again, the world isn't as scary as it seems. You just have to get out there and see it for yourself.

A quick trip summary!

Trip length: 1 month

Distance traveled: 31,474 kms, 11 time zones

Modes of transportation: 8 planes, 4 trains, 2 metros, 1 bus, 2 camels, dozens of tuk tuks, and four dirty, callused feet.

Weight lost/gained: I gained a pound, Ryan lost 12 lbs.

Sick days: just 1!

Trip cost (excluding flights): about $1,200 each.

Thanks for reading :) until next time!!


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