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We hope to be on our way, headed either south or southeast (whichever way the driver decides to go) by Wednesday afternoon. We are going back down to Kerrville, TX for several weeks. The weather there has been in the 70's, and we can't wait to get away from the snow. We still have snow at our house that never melted from our November storm. I want to be able to wear shorts and sandals in February! Last year, we brought the cold weather down to Texas with us, and we froze our asses off, especially when the RV furnace decided to die once the temps dropped into the low 20's. Besides the furnace, I think I listed 12 other major gizmos in the rig that broke on last year's trip. All Bill did in Kerrville last year was fix things. So, surely he will get a break from all that this year, right? I am also thinking positively this year about the weather, and have packed more than one pair of shorts. Of course, I also have a winter parka and boots, just in case (Mama didn't raise no fool). Remember the hours I spent last year sewing the insulating 'snakes' to put in the RV windowsills to keep the frigid drafts from coming inside? The ones I so brilliantly decided to stuff with sunflower seeds? Well, while the rig was in storage all summer, mice got in and tore open the window snakes, leaving the sunflower shells (and the subsequent poop) everywhere! Fun times! Stay tuned, as you know from our past experiences, we will have more surprises on this trip!

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