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Not just this pampered buffalo, but most of them, get washed and...

View from Batutumonga.

There are also many rock cave graves in this area.

Perfect coffee growing area.

Unfortunately the roads are not maintained and make for a bone-rattling ride.

The kids were showing us how they pulled on the rope to...

Another rock burial site along the road.

Biers are left beside the rock grave.

An expensive, saught after light coloured buffalo, totally pampered! Creepy blue eyes.

Getting the field ready to sow the rice seeds. These grow for...

Often the road narrows around a large rock. Too hard to remove...

Sven's sandals finally gave up, to be replaced by a $1.60 pair...

We headed up further into the mountains to Batutumonga, a hiking area often up in the clouds. We managed to catch a ride from the market with a local who lived up there. He was also transporting a lady with her purchases and several sheets of corrugated iron tied on top of the van. We were most impressed with the van's (and driver's) ability to negotiate the deteriorating, windy, narrow roads, missing walkers, motorbikes and other vehicles!

We splurged and stayed in the only hotel up there rather than a traditional house at a homestay. We looked inside one and discovered that they are very dark with only tiny windows - not conducive to a good nights sleep when you have claustrophobic tendencies!

We just enjoyed a couple of days hiking along the country roads and seeing the sights. The locals are always very smiley and friendly and always ask "Where you go?", perplexed that we choose to walk rather than ride around on a motorbike!

It is the rainy season in Indonesia and we have had some magnificent thunder storms - sheet lightening followed by deafening thunder coming closer and closer. It usually happens late afternoon or during the night so hasn't really hampered our plans at all. It was cool to watch the black clouds and lightening coming closer and closer from our vantage point up in the mountains.

Another magical moment I forgot to mention before was turning out the light in our room (sleeping under a mosquito net) and seeing fireflies twinkling and fluttering around the room.

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