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I was going to send this as an e-mail to my sister Linda but thought some of my female friends would relate to my story so I am posting this as a blog entry and will enjoy re-living it with Linda when we get home as I KNOW she can relate!

Several times over the course of this holiday we have found ourselves in a situation where we need to hit the streets in search of accommodation. Normally this experience is enjoyable to us as it gives us an up close and personal look at towns and neighbourhoods. We wander around checking out this block and heading over there for a look around – a wonderful way to get to know the real Mexico. No so much this year.

At all our requests in each of these hostels, motels, haciendas, etc. I ask their meticulously groomed Mexican staff “tiene una piscine?” as a swimming pool is an absolute must in this heat. The problem is that because our search is done by foot in the heat of the day I am approaching these gracious people with my hair plastered to my head, sweat dripping off the ends of my nose and my earlobes, the beginning of Niagara Falls forming on my upper lip, a waterfall cascading south from my chin down, down, down into my shirt resulting in an oh-so-sexy water stain forming on said shirt just below my chest and ending somewhere close to my navel. Now, they could have the friggin’ crystal clear waters of the Fountain of Youth in their back courtyard but one look at me and they gringe with a wrinkled nose and wide eyes, a look of disgust (?)……..anxiety (?)………horror (?) registering on their faces and after a second or two politely say “no, no piscine, no piscine”. There is NO WAY they want this dripping gringo anywhere near any swimming pool they might have for their more desirable (and much less……....…..wet) guests! The thought goes through my mind that in our travels we are ambassadors for our country which is why, when anyone asks, I announce that I am a proud American………a card carrying Republican no less! Donald Trump for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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