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Marilyn & I left the resort at 8:00 this morning with the intent of returning later with our Texas Driver’s License in hand.

We returned around 8:45 to retrieve a piece of paper we needed for ID purposes. That only took a moment and then we were on the road headed west to Rio Grande City.

We had our new license by 12:00 noon, made a stop at KFC for some fried chicken, and then another stop to fuel the car, and finally arrived at the RV around 2:30 in the afternoon.

Bob, Jesse, Steve and I ran an errand and then it was time to relax.

I posted some pictures to my journal entries about the cruise but still have several days to go on that little project. LOL

Mike & Marian stopped by to visit and then later called with a plan for Saturday, with Mike & Sandy and Steve & Jackie.

Meanwhile Marilyn & I stay really busy. We are leaving tomorrow, driving to Port Aransas to visit some of my oldest and dearest friends from my High School days. When people who have been friends for more than 60 years get together, it is a special time for sure.

We’ll be back at Retama on Friday and will be spending time with our friends here. They are really special too and fun is always on the agenda when we are together.

Next week, I need to get the truck and the RV registered and licensed in Texas. Then it will be time to notify all of the people we do business with, of our new address.

It seems a bit funny but right now we have a mailing address in South Dakota, a mailing address in Texas, and a physical address in Texas, not to mention the rental property address in Texas.

Of course we have a Kansas Phone number too. LOL

This full time RV life can be confusing some times.

Life is Good!

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