Mike &Liz South 2015-16 travel blog

The day Mike was on the winning team at -5 (under par)


Mike & Liz at the new Italian restuarant.

Mike enjoying a swing at the new Italian restuarant near us.

Our beach was taken over for a two day surf competition. No...

Or maybe that should read BUM Beach!

Team of 6 paddles plus 1 holding a drink.

There go the two teams of six out to the pylon.

Racing back to shore.

The single surf boarders racing around the pylon.

Biggest surf board I've ever seen.

Lily on the lily pond down the street.

The winning team at our January cribbage tounamnent. We came 2nd, no...

Fresh papya from the tree out back of our trailer.

Quaint new delivery vehicle.

This is the Tomatina restraurant at the RV park.

Salesman doing his best to sell wraps to the ladies.

Fellow snowbirds enjoying Happy Hour.

Liz topping up on vegtables in the park.

Our outdoor work station. Tough life.

There's that iguana again, getting some rays.

Mike with his delicious birthday cake.

We’ve been here over 50 days in Lo de Marcos, time just flies by so fast it’s scary. Now we are having conversations about heading north. Weather has been slightly cooler through January, very nice for sleeping and much less humidity during the days.

Mike has finished cleaning and polishing the trailer, now the truck needs the same treatment, maybe.

On January 17 we celebrated Mike’s birthday with a little dinner party and gathering round the fire afterward. A good time was had.

Usual stuff’s been going on; music nights, trying out a couple of new restaurants, crib tourneys, playing golf – Mike that is – Downton Abbey nights. Liz has been roped into emceeing our open mike music nights here in the park, now she has to find jokes to tell and try and remember them. Yikes. It’s amazing how you can fill your time.

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