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Bealeton VA Flying Circus. Mike goes for a biplane ride.

Palo Duro Canyon in Texas.

American Pickers, Antique Archealogy

Draft horse pull.

Steam Traction engines

Tractor fireworks. Spark show. Both of these engines had ten year old...

By the time the show started there were a LOT more campers!

Civil war reenactment

Coolest truck and boat and bike set up ever!

Marietta Ohio Sternwheeler Festival. These are all privately owned.

Outdoor concert, band Midnight Special. Ths guy killed it on the guitar!

The Swon Brothers in concert

Hand operated locks Muskingum River leading to the Ohio

Indianapolis Speedway

Albuquerque Balloon Festival. These balloons flew right over the campground!

I got to help fill one up. Mike said i was full...

Flying over the Rio Grande.

Hopi House

New Mexico Desert

Thunderhead at sunset.

New Mexico country side

Theworld's largest ear of corn

Biggest truck stop in the world, Iowa 80

Gathering of Stearman biplanes. There were 40 here so far, 90 expected.

Lehman's Hardware. Some of the coolest non-electric stuff!

A carvers display at Lehman's. Incredible detail and incredibly small! See the...

Hand carved carousel at Mansfied Ohio.

Cotton bale and fields fresh picked.

Chicago. And the beginning of Route 66.

Starved Rock State Park in Illinois. We stopped for lunch and stayed...

Mike on a canal boat.

St Louis

We saw a lot of cool old trailers.

Gilcrest Cowboy Museum Oklahoma

I have seen pictures of this before, but this in real life...

Girl and her heifer. Oklahoma State Fair

Bareback on draft horses. I wish I could do that!

Thats a lot of teams! Nine wagons with six horse hitches.

Native dancing

Mutton Busting. Kids riding sheep. And falling off!

Cool colors in the clouds

Orange grove. Oranges outside our kitchen door.

An interesting house boat?

Camping in Nw Mexico, Conchas Lake and Dam

My view most of the trip! Sticky loved her car rides!

Gonna be a gully washer!

Mike on top of a sand dune.

Mt Shasta. Oregon and California borders

Us at Sequioia National Park

While we are still in Oregon at my parents house, we have time to think back on the road trip we have had in getting here, and getting anxious for the next adventure. And since I have not really had much of interest to write about I thought I would share a few adventures we had in getting to this point, before I started writing the blog. So this is how we spent our first four months on the road. Our first goal was to get to Livingston Texas. We joined an RV club called Escapees. This gives us a permanent mailing address and a residency. Yes we are Jersey Texans now! We sold our house while we were in Alaska so it is for real now. We are nomads. We enjoyed the area and want to get back to see more.

After Texas our next goal was to get to Mt. Pleasant Iowa for the Midwest Thresherman’s Reunion. It is the largest Antique Steam and Gas Engine show in the world. It was unreal. So much to look at even if you are not into tractors! Crafts, a steam powered Carousel, food and more. They even had quilting classes for the campers! Over 100 big steam traction engines, over 1000 tractors of every brand imaginable, more than 2000 single gas engines, and even 90 teams of draft horses. Even 700 lawn tractors and so much more. We camped there for two weeks before the show started, and were able to take in local things like Antique Archeology, the shop featured in the TV show American Pickers. We also crossed the Mississippi to watch barges go through the locks and take in a Civil War/ Revolutionary war reenactment.

Our next goal was to get to Oregon for the winter, then make the push into Alaska for the summer. Our travel plans were nonexistent. We had a general direction in mind, and drove no more than a few hundred miles a day. If we saw something we liked, we stayed. If we did not like where we were, we moved on. We stopped at a lot of National Parks and National Wildlife Refuges and did all of Route 66 this way. We have even had a few days where we would stop for lunch, and wind up staying for three days. It was a great way to go!

In Virginia we stopped at a Flying Circus and took in the show. Mike took a ride on a Stearman biplane. I stayed on the ground! We were told we could leave our camper there overnight so we stayed. The pilots from the flying circus also were camped out there, and invited us to share their campfire. These guys are crazy, for real. In the sky and on the ground. We had a good time hearing them go on with each other.

In Indianapolis we rode in an Indy car on the speedway. It was a two seater and we did not get to drive, but it was fun! We stuck our feet in the Chesapeake Bay, the Gulf Coast, and the Pacific. Coast to coast and top to bottom. Nineteen states so far. This summer we plan on going back to some we missed.

We stopped at the Oklahoma State Fair, several Cowboy and cowboy art museums. We spent two weeks at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. That was amazing. As many as 600 balloons took off in the sky on some days. We even went up in one during one of the best days of the whole two weeks. It was a beautiful ride over the Rio Grande, which we had also kayaked on.

We have camped in the middle of the desert, and in nice campgrounds. One campground was in the middle of an orange grove and we could pick and eat oranges right from our kitchen door.

It truly is an amazing and diverse country and we are very fortunate to be able to enjoy it. I hope you enjoy this sampling of pictures!

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