Where in the world are Wayne and Donna going this time?? travel blog

big house at the end of the malecon, will look amazing when...

future Olypians???

it's a family event - now THAT'S support!

the best thing about Chicxulub

yep, that's a pool behind Wayne in the bar

just walking the beat in Progreso zocalo at night

wish I'd brought my peso's

Wayne's favourite bar - pretty nice place!

Progreso malecon - feels wonderful day or night

Neek Khan (the name of our condo bldg.)is turning out pretty well although mornings can be a little noisy as we have people above us and on both sides. About 6:30 AM there is some chair scrapping and thumping around for half an hour or so which Donna is able to groan about then get back to sleep, but I usually get up to make coffee. Some very nice folks in this complex from all over but mostly Canadian. There is weak wifi in our room but fortunately the palapus outside our room has a good signal so there are usually a few folks there - a good place to meet people and visit.

Our week was pretty slow with a couple of morning runs, which constituted walking a couple of kms to the malecon then running to the end and return, a distance of between 5 and 6 kms. No records set but we both felt pretty good. The pool at the condo is clean and cold so basically it's in and out for Wayne while Donna will float around a while. She is the only one swimming as most folks use Wayne’s technique followed by some quiet cursing about how f****ing cold it is. The sun is pretty hot for us though and we seek at least partial shade.

One morning Wayne went for a stroll and found a nature house next to the lagoon. In talking to the manager he learned that they will ferry you to some little islands in the lagoon where you walk on trails to observe the critters living there. Oh yeah we would be all over meeting swamp creatures - Donna especially! He said there no flamingos around until March so Wayne continued down the road a ways, heard some rustling in the bushes beside the lagoon and out flap 8 flamingos who were just 50 feet away! Pretty cool to watch and the first he has ever seen, as we were shut out on our Florida trip.

We attended the Wednesday rock jam at Faces, the local pub, and again a full house. We went early as we heard that they were fully booked so bar seating was first come, first served. Jim, the owner, recognized us from last week and offered us seats at a table with some folks who turned out to be from Ladysmith. The music was once again outstanding with a few new folks joining in for a couple of tunes each. Jim’s daughter has an amazing voice and did a Shania song that packed the dance floor. Some guy they call The Roosterman can really belt out the blues classic’s and you can tell these talented musicians are having a great time. A local Mexican band plays with them and during the breaks and they do some pretty good Santana songs. What they lack in ability they make up for with enthusiasm! Even the singer’s little 3 year old daughter was all dressed up playing tambourine and Donna noted could keep the beat much better than Wayne. Anyway great fun people watching and dancing to some good music, something we will really miss down the road.

The other day we woke to few rain drops falling but it soon quit so we decided to do our malecon run again. 20 minute walk to warm up and then it felt good running in the coolish air. It began to sprinkle a few drops just at the finish so we started for home and El Norte struck. These are storms that blow in from the north and in minutes the skies opened and pushed by howling winds we were instantly drenched. The rain actually hurt it was hitting so hard. The streets turned into instant rivers and as we scooted along the sidewalks the water poured off roofs directly onto the sidewalks so we had nowhere to go and nothing to do but just..............get wet!!! So much for a little exercise to start the day. Once it passed we were forced to lie by the pool all afternoon to dry out!

Friday we headed downtown to get groceries and Donna decided to treat herself to a $7.50 pedicure! She was thrilled to use her Spanish to translate for a fellow Canadian who was not able to understand the Mexican esthetician. We find lots of chances to practice our Spanish, which is just good enough to make ourselves understood. Unfortunately when they respond the trouble starts as we often have to consult and usually between the two of us we can figure out what they mean. That takes so long our Mexican friend usually says something else to clear up the obvious confusion. This results in another series of blank stares from us so I’m sure they must think Canada is offloading their mentally challenged seniors to Mexico. Ah well there is improvement be it ever so slow.

Saturday we explored east to Chicxulub, a little town 10ks along the beach. There are a string of beach homes the whole way but many are vacant or in disrepair as seems to be the situation with most of this coast. There are some being rented to Canadians or Americans and rumour has it there are some real deals available but it seemed rather desolate to us so imagine if we return it will be to the Progreso town as we really like the energy of the place. In our short time here we have seen a few places being worked on and it is amazing what a coat of paint and a refinish of the doors and shutters can make on places. They are all cement and tile so we have seen people powerwashing the insides to prep for painting. A few days later its hard to believe it is the same house.

The Merida triathlon was this weekend and Saturday they ran Ironkids, with teens competeing all the way down to the 4-5 age group. Appently for the little ones the swim part of the course is very close to shore and they splash into the water around a pylon in waist deep water and back. A fellow told us one competitor still had training wheels on his bike so would have been cute to see! By the time we made it down the little ones were proudly walking around with their medals on while Dad carried their bikes to the car.

Wayne was up first thing Sunday to watch the pro triathletes compete while Donna stayed behind to clean the condo and pack up our stuff (bet you guys all thought she would be sleeping, didn't you!!!). It seemed very well organized and of course super fit people everywhere as this sport seems to be huge in Mexico. He chatted up a fellow from Mexico City who was competing in the age group category. When he realized Wayne knew something about the training because of Erin we talked at length about the commitment necessary to complete an Ironman which he hopes to do later this year. He also said his son had spent a year in Canada doing grade 8 in Newfoundland. Maybe not yer first choice to larn proper English me bay, but Wayne kept that to himself!!!

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