Winter 2016 travel blog

View of cliffs climbing up the pass

The main street of Oatman

Typical building

One of Many Borrows

very friendly

No food then to"hell" with you

Too tied to stand

Take pitty on me with food

Ok lets try this again with my "gang"

View of the casinos in Nevada

Looking toward Kingman

Road Runner

As we were getting ready to leave this morning, our neighbors, from Bellevue, WA were having trouble starting their motorhome. Dale, not knowing a whole lot about motorhomes, called his diesel mechanic friend to help out. After much trial and error they called us later in the day to say it ended up being a switch problem in their slides. They were able to get on the road again themselves. I love the RVing community. One traveler helping another! Always a good thing.

On we go over Tehachapi Pass and into Kingman where we always stay at Blake Ranch RV Park about 15 miles east of Kingman. Once again, no RV's. This park is under new management and they have great ideas to expand and make better. We stayed for 3 nights and one day decided to head to Oatman, AZ along old Route 66. This part of Route 66 was built prior to 1952. Very narrow and curvy. We climbed up through the hills into the old gold mining town of Oatman. They call it a Ghost Town, but it is pretty alive. The attraction here is the wild burros that roam the street of this town. They are descendants of the burros released by old miners when they no longer needed them as pack animals. Very friendly animals and always looking for a hand out. The locals do feed them, but they still beg from everyone. They are not very fond of little dogs, but love people. We had a great lunch in the Olive Oatman eatery. We explored main street here with the wooden sidewalks and discovered a fabulous local artists' gallery. Dale was very glad we were on the front end of our trip or he would have been riding with some new art pieces. Great day spent here and another one of those places I always wanted to go. Upon returning to Kingman, we took a drive through historic Kingman. Have never done that before either.

The next day took us out on the original Route 66 where we made a 100 mile loop of the highway taking us through small little places that they fashioned the movie "Cars" after. Beautiful trip and experienced a little piece of history.

I have always done laundry at this park as they have a beautiful, big laundry room. Well this year, there seemed to be a little trouble with their water getting into their washers. Washing a load took an hour and half. I didn't want to spend my day at the laundromat, but......

One last tidbit from this stay. I was walking out of the laundry room and about 10 feet away was a roadrunner. Not in any hurry to scurry off. One of the men from the park told me that it is their resident roadrunner and great at catching rattlesnakes so they encourage it to stay around. I love these birds so it was great to see one up close and personal.

Temperatures were cool, but sunny.

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