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Last night we tried to check-in on line. Being unsuccessful, we were ready for anything but didn’t know what until we arrived at the airport. Our tickets indicated our flight departed at 9:35am but the on line check-in showed our flight number departing at 11:05am. It was exactly one and a half hours behind India time which made us suspicious. Could it be that they had entered Abu Dhabi time instead? We decided to change our taxi pick up to follow the new departure time and hope for the best. Arrival at the Cochin airport was at 8am which gave us three hours before departure. There was virtually no on in line yet to check-in so we thought we’d be enjoying a bite of breakfast soon.

No such luck. There was a problem with our tickets. Our tickets had us leaving on Jan 2 and the system showed we were booked for Jan 8. We stood around while many of the manager type people tried to help the ticket counter lady deal with the problem. One young lady mentioned we needed to phone the agency that issued our ticket. No cell phone was our reply so she offered to give us a phone. Al insisted she phone for us so eventually she had two phones in her hands; one to call Etihad in Bombay and the other to Flight Network. It was entertaining and amazing to watch her go from one phone to the other to rectify the issue. We waited for a long while before being asked to step aside so they could attend to others. Reluctantly, we did. Once this young lady with the phone returned, she indicated that we had made a change to our tickets on the 18th of December, the day we left Abu Dhabi.

Ah, I think I know what happened. Al and I had fronted up to an Etihad desk at the airport to inquire about the possibility of changing our tickets to come back at a later date since our school holidays magically became three weeks instead of two. Phone calls were made and the possibility existed if we were willing to pay and extra $192.00 US each. They told us which desk to go to to make the changes but we decided not to. No changes to the ticket had officially been made so . . . . why did they make the change on the computer if we had not paid? Another UAE mystery I will never understand.

Etihad did fit us into the flight we were initially booked on even though they said they were full thank goodness. All worked out in the end. Now we have a relaxing week in Abu Dhabi before Al is back to work.

So this completes the small triangle of India Elaine and Dick had planned for us to explore on our two week Christmas holiday. As many of you already know, Elaine and Dick are excellent travel advisors. With their wealth of travel experience you will receive top rate stories from their adventures. India is a large country so there is way more to see and I understand I haven't seen anything yet!

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