A comfortable way to travel to Melbourne again 2016 travel blog

Eugene and Daryo demonstrating at the dance class

The weather has been surprisingly pleasant (26C today) even though we have just crossed the equator and doldrums area probably because of the hazy sky and strong breeze. The sea and cruise ship has been reasonably calm in spite of the strong breeze and the swimming pool having quite a swell at times. We have not seen any more whale or dolphin although there were some about but we have seen many shoals of flying fish trying to escape from the bow wave of the ship.

The lectures have not been quite so interesting the past 2 days so we have spent more time playing table tennis (one of the pairs at our dinner table are good players and we have played some doubles which is fun) and deck games like deck shuffle board and deck quoits but the dancing classes have been as good as ever as well as the evening shows. There are also many other activities going on including water colour painting classes, bridge classes and craft sessions as well as quizes which we are not using. It is like a very upmarket Warner holiday at sea!

We are learning to pace ourselves and make things feel more like home as we are not even a third of the way to Aus. The balcony has been converted into a floor space for exercises and it is lovely lying on the floor stretching under the stars with the sound of the sea, before settling down to sleep.

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