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Who said it never snows here?


Bird Watching from our Trailer

We’ve been sitting still in Benson now for three months. We’ve been enjoying all the park has to offer – movies, live entertainment, potluck dinners, and lectures. Since the park is a co-op, there are only a handful of employees so most of the work done in the park is by leaseholders and all of the committees are led by volunteers. We are members of a couple of committees which keep us busy.

One thing that has not been enjoyable has been the weather. We have had some terribly cold nights with nighttime temperatures dropping down to the mid-20s and daytime temperatures only in the 50s. It even snowed one day – check out the picture! It is certainly hard to keep a trailer consistently warm when it is that cold. Plus, who wants to hang out outside in those temperatures? My bones start aching and I hate putting on layers of clothes to go out. But, I suppose I shouldn’t complain since other states have had it worse than here.

Thankfully, we are having a break in the weather this week and are enjoying bright sunshine and warm days. With all the distractions here, we’ve been delinquent in our travel planning. Not good, since April will be here before you know it! Memo to self...Gotta get back to planning.

We hope you are enjoying your winter wherever that might be.

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