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We were up at 2:30 this morning, but chose to not have coffee.

We were all packed and had the suitcases sitting out by the curb by 4:00 and expected our friend Bob to appear at 4:15. Bob had already picked up Eddie & Jan and was right on time, to grab us for the ride to the airport in Harlingen. We were all excited and chatting as we left the resort when Marilyn suddenly realized that she had left her purse sitting on the kitchen table.

We quickly turned around, returned to the RV, retrieved her purse, and were on the road again.

At the airport it didn’t take long for us to get checked in and get rid of our heavy luggage for a while. Things went quickly and we took off right on time, and even arrived in Houston about ten minutes early.

The three hour layover gave us plenty of time to have a leisurely and very tasty breakfast before catching our flight to Ft Lauderdale.

At the airport in Ft Lauderdale we retrieved our luggage and dragged it down the street to the Hotel Shuttle area where we were soon on the way to the Hotel.

Eddie had reserved the hotel for us and the rooms were quite nice.

We all ran across the 6 lane street in busy traffic and entered a place called “Slacker’s Bar”. We were greeted by extra loud music, about 50 TV’s all, tuned to a different station, pretty, scantily clad young ladies who talked very loud, (To be heard above the music I suspect), ice cold beer, and absolutely delicious food.

I enjoyed an ice cold beer while the other three of our group opted for something called a “Hell Mary”, (sort of a takeoff on a Bloody Mary except it had almost an entire meal in toppings like celery, pearl onion, dill pickle, boiled egg, cheddar cheese, bacon, pepperoni, and tomato).

The food was really good. Marilyn had a gyro she said rivalled the ones in Colorado Springs at Jake & Telly’s Greek Restaurant, while Jan enjoyed a Blackened Mahi Mahi sandwich. Eddie ordered a hamburger he raved about, saying it was really good, while I opted for a Philly Steak Sandwich. We all made it home quite stuffed.

Now, we look forward to a great night of sleep. We board the ship tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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