Mini Reunion-Todd,Bon,Jake,Tim-Alberton Gorge

Readying the Troops for Alberton Gorge

Reunion-Mom(Back to Us),Tiff,Tim,Roger,Nancy,JJ(Back to Us)

Reunion-Roger,Bon,Jasmine,Terra,Tiff,Jordyn,JJ,Tim,Mom(Hidden),& Nancy

Packing-Tiff,Jaz,& Jordyn

Cleaning Up White Hse-Tim on Cell,Tiff on Duster,JJ on Beer

Tiff & JJ's New Home

Mari,Jordyn,& T at Costco

T,Mari,Jordyn,& Bon at Costco

Arrival and continuing saga...dealing with rentals and arrangements and moving here and there...daughter and family purchasing new home, we living with them in White House until they move and we have new tenents for White House(incl. son Todd). We receiving visitors: Bon's sister Lois, Aunt Carol, Tim's nephew and family from S. CA, plus cousins and wives(Zelm side - G.Leifer & Plymouth) from Wisconsin who are visiting for the first time...reunions, dinners, lots of "catch up" time while still trying to get new tenents into houses and fix things, make repairs, Bon very pressed while doing all the "secretarial" stuff dealing with new tenents and forms and the very tedious job of making everything more workable...we now have cell phones so our brains will now be "irradiated" by emf's like all the rest of the world, ha!

We think often of all our friends we have met along the way and wish we had the time to write each and every one of them to thank them again and again for the hospitality and friendship they showed us in so many ways...we hope that they will keep us in mind when/if they ever wish to visit us!

Our web site will be extended until Nov. 20th which will allow us to add a bit more to our travels before it expires. The web site people at selected this CircleTripGroupSite as an example for people to view in the future(3 years) to get ideas, etc. so it will not go completely out of existence on the 20th of Nov.

Pictures give a little view of family/friends and some R & R as well as other stuff...

As we pulled our raft out of the Alberton Gorge we witnessed the "start" of a wildfire along Hwy.90 due either to arson or some truck malfunction sparking as many as 15 separate fires. This happened according to officials around 4 pm and we left the river around 4:15 and saw flames beginning to race away from the road up into the trees...the further we got the more intense the fires, trees exploding into flame, smoke billowing black into the mountain air. My first experience first hand of forest fire up close!!! Powerful stuff! It eventually burned over 12,000 acres!

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