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Day Before Departure January 18, 2016

After three straight hours of packing I found a place for everything I need (and want) with space left over. Sportsmobile does a great job with utilizing small spaces. As you can see in the pictures, three of the doors have storage areas, and they are deep and hold more than you would expect. The rear door is my game closet; I re-packaged Z's Mah Jongg set so I could bring it along. The side doors hold extra towels, supplies, shopping bags and my fanny sack.

The previous owner added a velcro strap inside the door. I am not sure what he stored there but it is perfect for my hiking sticks! Next to the sticks is a cabinet under the sink which opens to both the inside and the outside.

Departure Day January 19, 2016 Scheduled Departure Time 8:00 am.

Pillow and iPad in the van – check! New batteries in the thermostat and furnace set to hold at 55 – check! Water turned off. Hot cup of coffee in my To Go cup – check and check, I am out of here!

It was cloudy but dry all the way to Trinidad. You can see that Raton Pass looked socked in.

As I got to Trinidad and started up I hit a few snow flurries. But by the time I got to the top of the pass and saw the “New Mexico – Land of Enchantment” sign, I had to put on my sunglasses. From then on it was clear sailing all the way and just a beautiful drive without too much traffic. I have always loved this drive! Snow-capped peaks to the west, antelope, ravens (or are they crows?), hawks soaring. I listened (and sang along, loudly and badly) to songs I hadn't heard in a long time, everything from James Brown to Frankie Avalon to the soundtrack of West Side Story. Maria! I just met a girl named Maria! Sometimes it was nice to just drive in silence. There's something so peaceful about driving alone on a wide open road with just your own thoughts.

It was 60 degrees when I got to Truth or Consequences at 4:45 and man, I was getting tired. I drove slowly through town and spotted one of the RV parks on my list, Cielo Vista. The location looked good, high on a hill above town and away from I-25 noise. The nice manager knocked $6 off their rate since it was just me and all I am using tonight is electricity. But they don't have wifi which is shocking for a place that normally charges $36 a night, cash or check only. The good news is she put me in a spot next to the potty and shower. The bad news is there's a sign above the potty suggesting two flushes and the use of a toilet brush if needed. Yikes! As for the shower, I am glad I brought baby wipes.

Well, that's it for my first post. See you soon, my friends! C

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