View of Sequim Bay from our campsite...



Anyone know the name of this duck...he has a yellow face.?

Winters are very mild in Sequim, we drive up to Hurricane Ridge...

We could not go to the top today, too much snow..

The lake behind the house is totally frozen ...


After our fun in the snow, we head back down to 42...

Back in Sequim..

We love watching this brave guy...:-)

Last one, the winters are so mild these hummers stay all winter..

Jerry and I have both been in the relaxing mode for the past few weeks. We are enjoying the incredible views right from our RV. Sequim Bay is known for it’s mild winters, the temperatures have been staying in the 40’s and a bit cooler at night. We even have four hummingbirds enjoying our feeders. They have hummingbirds year round here.

If we start missing the snow, we only have to drive a few miles up to Hurricane Ridge for our snow fix. We have made one trip so far, I am sure there will be many more. We didn’t make it all the way to the top, the gates were closed because of all the snow. It was a beautiful drive with frozen lake views and much more. I am adding a few pictures from our campsite and the snow and hope you enjoy. Happy New Year to all our readers! Check back later for more from Sequim.

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