Where in the world are Wayne and Donna going this time?? travel blog

Donna just loves these face-to-face chairs - only in Mexican zocalos

pedal bike with fuzzy dice, battery & sound system, headers and much,...

Paseo de Montejo on any given Sunday

the whole family can ride together.....

or one guy towing his tunes!

one of 3 monuments along the blvd - The Mayan Flag Monument

some tourist checking out the details

The Mayan Flag Monument from the back - beautifully carved

low riders cruisin' - the guy with the red hat is riding...

bike for 5 people - no problemo!

The next day was hot and sunny so we spent the whole day at the pool alternating between the chaises and hammocks that hang over the edge of the pool. Wayne struck up a conversation with John, an Irishman who lives in Boston area with a summer place in Cape Cod. He loves to travel by hostel and has been all over Mexico, Central America and even South America. Ryan is currently in Cartagena, Columbia for some hiking, exploring and beach time. It was some comfort that John, this 70+ year old guy, has travelled 3 times to the area Ryan is in with no problems at all. John arranged that the hostel TV be put on the Patriots NFL playoff game so Wayne joined him to watch the game over a couple of beer. Our evening stroll took us (and hundreds of Mexicans!) to a nearby plaza to watch a light and sound show projected onto the face of the main cathedral – very neat. There was a choir singing and they did their version of Halleluhua, which was impressive. A good end to a good day!!!

In the morning we went to Paseo de Montejo, the largest boulevard in Merida, where every Sunday the city closes the road to traffic and many hundreds of folks turn out on bikes, skateboards and every imaginable type of wheeled transport for a toodle up this 3km route and back down…….then around again and again and again……. It was awesome to watch as everyone seemed to be having fun, including Wayne who loved the concept, the kids and the modes of transportation! After a last couple of hours by the hostel pool it was time to head to Progreso. Donna went for a last look around the hostel before we left and discovered many rooms much better than ours toward the back of the hostel so we will be staying in that area if there is a next time? We met many nice people from all over the world while staying here and it is a feature of hostels we really enjoy.

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