Where in the world are Wayne and Donna going this time?? travel blog

home, not so sweet home???

room to swing a chihuahua but nothing larger!

ahhhh, sure do miss Nanoose Bay......not!!!

spent more time here than in our room.........wonder why????

We timed our morning walk to the bus depot perfectly as we grabbed some eats at the grocery store then marched right on the bus and were gone in less than 5 minutes. It was a long straight flat road once we cleared the expansive suburbs of Cancun. The vegetation on both sides of the bus was tall and we basically travelled 4 hours in a green tunnel unable to see much. This was the toll road so bypassed all the villages along the way. Quick but not too good for looky-loos like us.

Although it was cloudy when we pulled into Merida station (several blocks away from where the internet said it was!) it was smokin' hot as we hefted our bags and were off towards an address that Wayne had memorized but wasn’t absolutely sure how far....due to the change of drop off locations!! Merida dates back to the 1500s so the roads are narrow and a one person wide sidewalk was added later with the result of traffic hurtling by inches from you. As we approached the town center the roads did widen some but now there were hundreds of people walking as well. After what seemed forever the hostel was exactly where promised and we were very happy to lose the packs and try the wonderful pool. Our room consisted of 2 rickety beds and a bathroom. The screened windows almost closed leaving rather easy access for mosquitos seeking gringo blood. No AC but room fans worked well so we decided we would try to make it home for a couple of nights. Rustic......but doable!

After a home cooked meal in a rather spartanly equipped hostel kitchen we headed out for a walk through the many plazas and zocalas where hundreds of locals just strolled or sat enjoying the evening. The many outdoor restaurants are all busy with a few gringos but mainly very well dressed Mexican couples and families. We watched a dance demo on a plaza stage and called it a night.

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